Boxing Jean Marc Mormeck Last Round For Everyone

The French fighter is preparing to play his tenth world championship. Then boxing in France will not be an orphan. She is dead. Almost.

The sporting history of a country is often a question of astronomy. A matter of comets that follow and come illuminate the dark sky discipline and boosting sales of telescopes. U.S. basketball had Jerry West (1960-1970), Michael Jordan (1990) and Lebron James (2000).

boxing jean marc mormeck last round for everyone

Boxing Jean Marc Mormeck Last Round For Everyone

Swedish tennis, Bjorn Borg , Mats Wilander and Stefan Edberg finally. For their part, Masahiko Kimura, Yasuhiro Yamashita and Toshihiko Koga made judo a religion in the country of the Rising Sun. And countries Kopa, Platini and Zidane, the boxing is inseparable from Georges Carpentier, Marcel Cerdan, Alphonse Halimi and Jean Marc Mormeck!

There are twelve all round, French boxing saw land a stocky little man (1 81 m, 90 kg) who was blowing him a breath of fresh air she would never recover, since drowned in pollution room that asphyxia noble art tricolor. February 23, 2002, Jean Marc Mormeck terrace legend, American Virgil Hill – which comes from elsewhere to pay another Frenchy in the person of Fabrice Tiozzo – champion of the mythical world of the late 1980s and 1990s, to gain world belt WBA light-heavyweight. The kid Bobigny then about to blow its thirtieth candle in June, a nice gift around the waist. Almost thirty, everyone sees this victory the apotheosis of his career, a stage beyond which the native of Pointe-a-Pitre never will. “But I wanted to go higher. Doing what no other French had succeeded before. At least try. I knew I had not gotten to my best,” replied the applicant. He was right.

As Carpentier, Cerdan And Halimi

Nine world championships later (6 wins), Jean Marc Mormeck, soon 42 years, trying to organize his tenth championship. A round figure, like his mug, as a last stand of honor. Then it will be time to close the book for a career that has raised the English boxing France in virtual anonymity – Brahim Asloum, protected Acari├Ęs brothers never knew. For we must realize one thing: what made Jean-Marc Mormeck is stored in the Pantheon of French sport. Never for nearly half a century tricolor boxing had seen such a champion chipped rings. There have to go back to the great Alphonse Halimi in 1956 to review a French boxer undisputed world champion in its class. As Georges Carpentier Marcel Cerdan or before him.

Indeed, April 2, 2005, Jean Marc Mormeck became unified world champion light-heavyweight beating Wayne Braithwaite, WBC champion. Reuniting world titles in two separate federations (the WBA and WBC), the French tricolor done what no one before him had done (at the time of Halimi, a single federation, the WBA, exist). He became the unanimous champion in its class, the IBF title then being vacant Ring magazine, the American Journal of reference of boxing, also awarded him the “Ring Magazine belt.” – Symbolic reward – celebrating the unique champion a weight class, ignoring the proliferation of associations that recognize that “their” champion. Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Carlos Monzon, Mike Tyson or his idol Marvin “Marvelous” Hagler have also received this distinction.

Team And Canal + Below Any

Yet Jean Marc Mormeck is shunned his home in France. He sees indeed boycotted by Acaries brothers in 2003 and decided to join the ranks of the purse sour promoter Don King. “He was the only one who can give me what I wanted. Attempt to collect belts If I had stayed, I would have been content to defend my title against challenger in combat loaded in advance,” says Jean- Marc Mormeck. To go higher, the Frenchy must go further, on the other side of the Atlantic.

Therefore, no television – not even Canal +, the official broadcaster of boxing in France, who prefers to pander to Acaries brothers – retransmits the worlds of Jean-Marc Mormeck. A peak while boxing in France lives on a ventilator after the retirement of his last gondola heads Mahyar Monshipour (world champion WBA super bantamweight) and Fabrice Tiozzo (WBA world champion heavyweight).

And to make matters worse for the small business Frenchy Bobigny is out to conquer the rings West, the day he enters the history of French sport – famous April 2, 2005 – see Pope John Paul II extinction. The performance of Jean-Marc Mormeck has therefore not echo it deserves on TV and in newspapers. But what then of the trade press? Team title “conquerors” offering him a … shared with Fernando Alonso, F1 driver, who just won the third Grand Prix (19) season. Two years later, the sports daily “reference” rectify this odd offering its first page in French – only this time – and grading, “Mormeck thunderstruck” after his knockout loss against David Haye in a fight where the Columbia went to the mat (4th round) and was led in points

“The Coward Is Afraid So He Recoils.’s Hero Is Afraid Too. But It Does Not Forward”

Ingratitude that does not demoralize the champion. Instead. Jean Marc Mormeck has never played the card of the facility: “I could have avoided the best fighters in my class to keep my belts and challenge pseudo-challengers But it’s not my mind or that of. my discipline. We need to go harder and then assume. If they win, it is because they were better. With dignity.”

His next bet? “Hold my last world championship in Africa. That would be great. But it is very complicated, there are many obstacles,” said the person. Not serious. The task is more difficult than Guadeloupe draws the strength to put the carpet. “The coward, he will be afraid, so it will recede.’s Hero as he is afraid. But it will make the step forward. This is what makes the difference. Before entering the ring, I think systematically: But what am I doing here?” reminds the environment Boxer. A perfect state of mind not of the order of the innate is not yet for the one who put the gloves for the first time there 26 years.

“One day I came across a boxing match that my father looked when Marvin Hagler (mythical world champion of 1980, Ed) is illustrated. It was love at first sight. His presence, his charisma, elegance the ring conquered me. Hagler I wanted to be! ” recalls Jean Marc Mormeck. However, at the time, he already has fifteen years and football practice like a madman. At this age, the heart can still afford some reversals jacket and teen Bobigny abandoned boots for boxing gloves. There then began a long apprenticeship.


“Boxing has taught me humility, discipline, hard work and courage. Early workouts, I thought everything was going to be easy, I arrived late and I thought I would spread throughout the world. I only saw the fight side. But I got beat by smaller and wanted to give up. Again, I was told he had to work, train again and again to succeed. At that time, I became a fighter, “added the boxer Seine-Saint-Denis.

boxing jean marc mormeck last round for everyone

Boxing Jean Marc Mormeck Last Round For Everyone

One that started in a small room Drancy has always kept a special attachment to the suburbs: “This is my story There is a soul here That of those who want to get out if I want to win one last world championship, I need the energy that young people with whom I work out email me. And I, in return, I give them my experience and above all hope. When I was young, I wanted a champion come to me and say: You can be champion I am here to tell them that we must fight and work to succeed, but it’s possible! “.. Jean Marc Mormeck has always resulted in Seine-Saint-Denis. Drancy, Livry-Gargan, Pantin, Noisy-le-Grand, Aulnay-sous-Bois, he knows them all, or almost. Room bears his name, in Torcy (Seine-et-Marne): Olympic Ring Jean Marc Mormeck.

The boxer, who never loses an opportunity to return to Guadeloupe to relax, walk the favorite and values. This is what also motivated his involvement with the brand of jewelry and watches Mauboussin, where he became the muse there several weeks. A parallel between the “little guy was looking suburban and started from below” and a brand that is trying to rally the watchmaking elite liked to former world champion WBA-WBC light-heavyweight. Until the final details of his next fight is set up and that the native of Pointe-a-Pitre began a career as promoter that everyone hopes also completed its passage through the rings around the world. Otherwise, we will say, boxing in France does not hold a round.