BOXING. Before The Shock, The Sacrifices Of Takoucht

Twelve days of their duel, the Carolo Sofiane Takoucht and Belgian Miskirtchian refine their preparation. Far from the bustle of the holidays.

While most athletes enjoy for a few more days of the Christmas break, some continue to whip.


This is particularly the case featherweight Sofiane Takoucht (27 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw) and Alexander Miskirtchian (23 success, 2 reverse, 1 draw), who will compete on Jan. 11 at the Country Hall de Liege. With such issue, the Grail: an IBF world championship against the Russian Evgeny Gradovich.

The challenge is enormous and necessarily requires a healthy blameless life. Even during the holiday season. “These are elite athletes who know very well make sense of things, says the manager of the French, Hamid Zaim Sofiane, he trains in background. This is not the time for him to make the slightest difference. The party, he will have time to do after the fight, if he wins . ”

Takoucht Dream Of Revenge

A real dream for Carolo, the last defeat was in 2011 against the sameĀ  Miskirtchian. “He came to take my belt champion of Europe in the Ardennes, then to me now to do everything to go fight home, “says Takoucht. “Baby face” (his nickname) is preparing for the end of August. He spent two weeks in particular Algeria and just returned from a trip to Cancun.

If the Mexican resort synonymous with partying and debauchery for American students, carolo sports there worked very hard: “It’s simple, he only saw his hotel room and boxing, Hamid notes Zaim. There, he challenged many sparring partners particularly hard to evil. He came back very sharp. Physically, he’s ready. ”

At Bazeilles, the former European champion will now continue to train every day, even on December 31 and New Year’s Day. But, unlike his opponent, he will rock in 2014 alongside his family.

“Tears And Blood”

The Dinantais Miskirtchian, he is currently in Big Bear Lake, United States. There, at 2000 meters above sea level, it connects the footings in the cold and technical work under the guidance of his coach Abel Sanchez.

All, far from his family: “It’s hard, but this distance motivates me even more, says the Belgian I rage and Takoucht may pay in the ring.. I am determined to leave him no chance. ”

“Baby face” promises, on his side, “tears and blood.” “His supporters (in Miskirtchian) have an interest in promoting strong, because he needs! “And causes Carolo, despite the great respect that both boxers are doing.

This portends a boiling hot fight on January 11, for what will be the first big event sports Ardennes in 2014. A real showdown.