Boxing A Game Of Checkers

The stage of Ladies boxing organized tour Saturday at St. Maur was a resounding success. The public attended and attended a gala held high.

Saturday night at the sports hall of Saint-Maur, many prejudices have fallen. No, boxing is not reserved for men sport. No, catfights are not without interest, some even more than a lot of male assaults. Yes, these ladies know how to show technique and power to enforce the ring.

boxing a game of checkers

Boxing A Game Of Checkers

An example? The lighthouse bout of the evening, which opposed the Perpignan Elodie Bouchlaka the Serbian Jasmina Najd. The French made his grand entrance into the world of professional, facing a more experienced opponent, who had already fought three fights in the pros.

“A First Highly Successful”

Input by a left hook from Najd surprise Bouchlaka put one knee before resuming their minds and start to fight. Well dodging the blows of his opponent, she managed several specific sequences, making still sometimes surprise against. After a hotly contested and undecided assault, the judges declared a draw, to the delight of New Business. “It was a very hard fight, she had sacred hooks, but it is very satisfying. I expected to take shots, I managed to cash out. The crowd was fully behind me, it was really heart warming, I will not forget this first pro fight.”

Tears came gradually in the eyes of this young boxer which therefore perform a first dream, but that does not lack ambition. “I want to go as far as possible, I even designed the Madison Square Garden (large room New York mythical boxing world, Ed), she says with great seriousness. The image of women’s boxing is changing, everyone puts gloves together without difference in training. Even girls can “put branlees” the guys”.
Side fans as the show was to go with a wide variety of styles. Most experienced very different profiles, with some young boxers, and some other atypical course, like Aminata Dabo, former boxing fists feet which was launched in boxing.

Local Victory Piteau assured his place by beating the Selloise Laurie Renault. Enough to make his dad happy, Sebastian, president of the U.S. Saint-Maur, who has succeeded with this feminine evening. “When we set up something new, it is still unclear whether it will work . But this is the first highly successful. We could offer a wide range of everything that exists in women’s boxing, educational pros through fans and aerobox. I want to share all this with both coaches and Farid Boudelli Ludovic Guerin, and 50 volunteers who ensured the success of this gala”.


Educational Boxing

> Desalbin (Chatellerault) beats Lamy (St. Maur) points.


> Sylva (ASC Boxing Club) beats Hedou (Girard Sologne Boxing) points.
> De Swarte (Aubervilliers) beats Kann (Belleville) on points.
> Lukas (Aubervilliers) beats Dabo (Ring Villenavais) points.
> Joseph (Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois) beats Schneider (ASM Pau) points.
> Piteau (Saint-Maur) beat Renault (Selles-sur-Cher) points.
> Bouchlaka Elisa (NA Canohes) beats Serraji (CS Clichy) points.
> Marchadier (Montlucon) beats Dithurbide (BC Bourges) by referee stoppage in the 3rd recovery.
> Sidibe (Asniere BC) defeated Bussiere points.
> Adams (Joue-les-Tours) beats Drzewecki (BC Bourges) points.


> Bouchlaka Elodie (NA Canohes) and Najd (Serbia), draw.