Bayern The Reasons For Defeat

Febrile and helpless, Bayern Munich left the Champions League on Tuesday evening a resounding slap. Failure is cooking. Attempted explanations.

Champion Too Fast?

This is not so much the supposed weakness of the German championship or rather its lack of consistency do not forget that last year, it had not prevented Bayern and Borussia Dortmund to compete in the finals which are culprit. But the precocity with which the Bavarians were crowned champions of Germany.

bayern the reasons for Defeat

Bayern The Reasons For Defeat

Since the formalization of the title on March 25 in Berlin, something broke. Munich grinding machine is stopped suddenly. The figures are suggestive: in 10 matches, Bayern has imposed only 4 times, 2 draws and 4 losses above! Previously, Guardiola’s men had chained 17 games without defeat. Including 16 victories. The contrast is striking. Freewheel league for over a month, Bayern exploded in midair when the proposed adversity claimed more soul. Decompression of the total and catastrophic times.

Defense At Bay

17 goals conceded in 10 games since the league title. Too much. Too much for a team standing Bayern. The report is easy afterwards. But on paper, the champion of Germany is very far from the most impressive central hinge, the safest and most peaceful of the Old Continent. So far, this relative weakness was completely overshadowed by the offensive effectiveness of Bayern. But faced with the speed and quickness attackers Madrid, Dante and Boateng took water. On the way, Bayern had emerged almost miraculously with only one goal conceded. Upon returning, he literally sunk with a defense completely overwhelmed, nervous and even naive. Comparison with the duo Sergio Ramos Pepe, where the rigor combined with the intransigence in duels were breathtaking, is terrible for Bayern.

Guardiola The System Has Shown Its Limits

“Ultimately, if we continue like this, we will be like Barça. Nobody wants to see us play because our players pass the ball to the opponent’s goal line, “regretted Franz Beckenbauer, honorary president of Bayern, there a few months. He probably had not imagined that his Bayern Catalan sauce is crushed as he was Tuesday night. The wider defeat Bayern at the Allianz Arena in the Champions League. Critics have not finished befall Pep Guardiola and his style of play which totally distorted the face of Bayern. Despite overwhelming ball possession Bernabeu (72%), Robben and others were dominated in the first leg (1-0). Bayern gave it to return 70% of possession for a cataclysmic result (0-4). This is where the shoe pinches. “Bayern has never been able to change his way of playing with this ball retention becomes excessively painful,” dropped Bixente Lizarazu micro RTL.

Ribery Is A Shadow Of Himself

Elusive in 2013. So any in 2014. Franck Ribéry he really likes this style of game is repetition passes excessive? With Guardiola, Bayern lost its spontaneity and its ability to project forward quickly. Qualities that had marked the spirits last season Heynckes and allowed Ribery to know the best season of his career. Now clearly, the French international lack of space to express themselves. To gain speed and hit. Add to that the frustration and sense of injustice caused in January by the coronation of Ronaldo at the ceremony of the Ballon d’Or, and you get a Ribery heartedly. Amorphous. Unable to raise his head. An ordinary winger totally muzzled and useless in the two matches against Real. Very nervous, he even had to be sent off for a slap on Carvajal before halftime. Within 50 days of the World Cup, Ribéry he recovers from this new slap?

Before, It Lacks A “Killer”

Real have Cristiano Ronaldo (16 goals in the Champions League this season). PSG Zlatan Ibrahimovic (10 goals). FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi (8 goals). Atletico Madrid Diego Costa (7 goals). Bayern Munich him, Mario Mandzukic, author of three goals this year in C1. The top scorer in the competition, Thomas Muller does not exceed 5 achievements. For a team like Chelsea where minimalism is the hallmark of José Mourinho, this is not necessarily a problem. However, when it comes to conclude a clear territorial domination and a long finish positive phase of the game, not having a serial scorer at hand can quickly become binding. Or disability. Barca, Messi Guardiola could count on to make a difference and sublimate the undermining of his teammates. Bayern, the Spanish technician does not have this kind of players. And this is the building that is found in weakened. Holder in both directions, Mandzukic lived a nightmare. Croatian did not exist. The arrival of Poland’s Robert Lewandowski next summer she will solve all problems?