Bartoli, The Incredible Comeback

May 12, 2014. Retired since August 2013, Marion Bartoli decided to defend his title in the London grass. It prepares his comeback to the secluded, surrounded by Mary Pierce and Nick Bollettieri! This story, you have dreamed of reading? The Team offers you in a special edition.

Rumor has returned regularly in conversations in the aisles at Roland Garros as the social networks in which it became a big fan: removed from the circuit since August 2013 – barely a month after his triumph at Wimbledon – Marion Bartoli prepare in the biggest secret his retour.


Une rumor based entirely. Team is able to prove that the French twenty-nine will make his comeback at Wimbledon, to participate in the next edition of the tournament, which starts in just over a month, on June 23 exactly.

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, organizer of the tournament, would not officially confirm the presence of Bartoli. The player and his entourage did not want to answer our questions, but according to our information, the name of Marion Bartoli face well and truly on the official list of participants will be announced this afternoon. Though not the circuit since last August, Marion Bartoli has preserved all points of winning Wimbledon and WTA rankings. It is still number 1 French, can directly access the Wimbledon final table. It will even be seeded.

What are the reasons that led the defending champion to return to competition in the most prestigious tournament in the world? In August 2013, when she said abruptly stop after a defeat Simona Halep of Romania in Cincinnati, his decision had provoked perplexity. His moral and physical weariness yet seemed indisputable. “There are plenty of other things to do besides playing tennis. I just need a little time, she explained then. I have the right to move on. My father Walter was not surprised, he knew that I was exhausted. “Over the weeks and sometimes contradictory statements, the French seemed especially suffered a big blow blues, the arrival of a young woman abruptly at the top, overwhelmed by an overflow of emotions.

Months passed, we crossed Bartoli occasionally in a tournament, coming to greet her friends and comment – brilliantly elsewhere – matches for Eurosport. But she went to meetings as often Olympique de Marseille, the club at heart, multiplied appearances at parties people, television, in France and abroad, where its sparkling freshness of mind and huge heels made her out. End of 2013, she had yet to renounce participate in the show M6 Ice Skating Show, because of muscle pain. A further indication that the high-level sport became a reality for more and more distant.

Headlamps TV shows and flash previews have yet grown weary Bartoli. Since the beginning of the year, she told more often to his family that the adrenaline of competition lacked. At his home in Geneva, its ideal DVD Wimbledon fortnight was never far from the reader and the beautiful Australian countryside Alize Cornet, beaten in the final in Melbourne in January by Maria Sharapova, it has provided the impetus. After consulting with his father Walter, she is very close, but Amélie Mauresmo and – most surprising – several frames of Olympique Marseille, Bartoli decided to resume training course in secret and with the first.? objective of finding an acceptable physical level. A meeting was then any precipitate.

Holiday in Mauritius at Easter Amelie Mauresmo had lunch several times with Mary Pierce. They talked about Marion, Pierce was intrigued. Bartoli and they are not of the same generation, know very little but enjoy. In mid-April, the two women met in a small tennis club Yvelines. The conversation lasted several hours, focusing mainly on the mental aspect.

“Marion is a very determined and with a beautiful soul, says Pierce, reached by telephone. Me, I do not think tennis as before, I have my life in Mauritius, but I felt in her a strong desire to prove that she could raise such a magnificent challenge a return to Wimbledon. So, yes, I agreed to accompany him on this journey, even if it is difficult. “Beside Bartoli, Pierce is responsible for the mental and tactical preparation, so had to find a fitness trainer, able to lead a commando operation a few weeks. Craft and very personal methods of Walter Bartoli gave incredible results, but Marion did not want to repeat the experience. “Bollettieri Why not?” Suggested Pierce. Bartoli, who has never crossed the road near the famous American coach, except for a mini-course of a few days in spring 2013, said yes.

Cries The Property Of Pierce Brosnan

Pierce and Bollettieri know for over twenty years. Although their relationship was stormy at times, they are always kept in touch. “Mary called me three weeks ago, I was fishing for swordfish and I thought it was a joke, explained by email dashing octogenarian. She told me very seriously that I was the only one who can do something as crazy. So I said: “Let’s do it girls.” And I was off to England two days after.”

Indeed, it is an hour and a half drive south of London, Staplecross, East Sussex, the trio has its home for nearly two weeks. Pierce Brosnan, favorite actor Bartoli, remained in contact with the entourage of the French from the final loss at Wimbledon in 2007, has agreed to provide his property, which has the huge advantage of having a short grass in good condition.


Can not see anything from the road, large sharpened protecting the land from prying eyes shrubs. But Fleming Arms, the busiest pub Staplecross, regulars mimic with gusto and some cries heard the tone of the last few days. “Trade is not often seen in the village Miss Bartoli says Sean, a regular. Unless the other evening, where she got stuck a heel on the cobblestones of Bond Street leaving Indian restaurant. We also saw Nick running one afternoon, shirtless. Was not used here, especially when it’s 12 ° C and it rains. “The result of this unlikely saga should be written from 24 June 2014 at Wimbledon.