Bartoli: “Five Sets, Not Possible For A Woman”

Winner of the last Wimbledon, Marion Bartoli told BBC World News that “we can not ask a woman to play six hours.” During an interview broadcast Wednesday night, the French retired tennis broached the subject of doping and physical inability of women to string matches in five sets.

Marion Bartoli is convinced that women do not have the physical ability to endure a series of potential matches in five sets in a Grand Slam.


The French, titled at the last Wimbledon on July 6 and retired two months later, was entrusted to the BBC World News comments in response to Andy Murray and Stacey Allaster. According to the Scottish player and director of the Women’s Tennis Association, women are quite capable to play five sets like men.

“Five sets for a woman? We’ve played all year round so many games, it’s already a struggle. Please do not give us five sets, stated Marion Bartoli journalist Tim Franks in In an interview to be broadcast by the British chain Wednesday at 22:30. Physically speaking, a woman can not do. It does not have the same physical abilities as men. It is not humanly possible. C That’s it. Can not ask a woman to play six hours. ”

“To Five Sets For Seven Games? This Is Not A Woman You Need But Two On The Ground.”Marion Bartoli”

“If you want to put five sets then they should just put the final, just for a match, admitted the 29 year old French. On a match, a woman can indeed play five sets. Has the quality tennis will be good for three hours or four hours and a half game I doubt strongly. But if you want to add a bit of drama and do something special because it’s the Grand Slam, I would Okay, we can do it for the last game. But do it for seven games It is not a woman you need but two on the ground. ”

Marion Bartoli is also expressed on the subject of doping in tennis. “In September, October, November, once a month they came to me and I gave my blood, this proved negative, assured of the native Puy-en-Velay. controlled I was when I was retired … I think we should be aware and be careful not to give up because we have not found or so because we found very few cases doping. “