Austin, For What?

The Formula One season seems to drag on. The suspense, Sebastian Vettel was killed there a few weeks ago. To the point that one wonders what are the last two Grand Prix in Austin this weekend, then Brazil in a week. But on closer look, the Texas race has some points in its favor.

The organizers of the Grand Prix of the United States would have preferred to see the world championship drivers to settle on the fledgling circuit Austin Texas. Missed. The ogre Sebastian Vettel has literally not a crumb left to his opponents. No, the value of the Grand Prize is to look elsewhere. In runners? Not the driver rankings anyway, Fernando Alonso, or providing almost complete dolphin “Baby Schumi”. For the third time in his career!


The only question mark lies around the third. Kimi Raikkonen, package and replaced by Heikki Kovalanein do more points mark and abandon its place on the honorary podium. That Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber for his last season in F1 coiffera “Iceman” to post? Whatever the outcome of this struggle, there is little chance that it raises the crowds. Similarly, the battle for second place in the manufacturer life (financially) for the teams championship, will enthrall and specialists. Mercedes holds the rope and with Alonso decreased by a back injury on one side with Ferrari and Lotus team amputated the best driver, the German team looks set to achieve.

History On For Vettel

Once again, it is Sebastian Vettel that we will seek to do the show. Untouchable and winner of the last seven Grand Prix, the German must continue its flawless to match the legendary Alberto Ascari, who won nine consecutive exercised within 50 years. Protected Red Bull is not immune to this sort of thing and given the level of competition this season, the German may well get in the history books, an opponent to its height.

The other record is that Vettel can equal the record for wins in a season. This time, it’s a fellow that will rub: Michael Schumacher. The “Red Baron” who refused the Lotus tub to replace Raikkonen won 13 races in 2004. Vettel is 11. Always without fault after which it is run. We doubt that the four-time world champion needed that to motivate themselves but here is a great extra dose of adrenaline. And if the world of Formula 1 was, for once, behind him to make the end of the season a bit exciting?

Who The Remaining Bucket For 2014?

The other attraction of the weekend will be the last race vacant bucket for next season. To date, Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Toro Rosso and Williams have announced their duo in 2014. Lotus and Marussia have them formalized when a driver. Therefore remains a driving these two teams plus the two Force India, Sauber and Catehram.

The list of drivers on the market is just as long: Nico Hulkenberg to Pastor Maldonado through Sergio Perez and Esteban Gutierrez. Between talent and money, every driver has to advance arguments. At a time when the teams are increasingly struggling financially, “pay” drivers may well hold their own game Lotus would love to take the nugget Hulkenberg but perhaps will (surely?) Have to resolve to engage Maldonado, who says to anyone who will listen that he will be in F1 next year, or Perez. The Venezuelan and Mexican are not penguins, but their first argument is financial. As the last two seasons, Hulkenberg could be a victim of a lack of solid sponsor. The battle will rage in Austin. With a good result this weekend, Maldonado and Perez would mark points from Eric Boulier. This would leave others to argue bucket less popular Sauber and Force India or Caterahm and Marussia.

Between history and considered more down-to-earth, the Grand Prix of Austin, on paper, arguments to make. Is no more than pilot scheme to transform into reality.