Arne Duncan, Minister Of Education Of The Obama Administration, Ignites The All Star Game

Everyone knows the passion of Barack Obama for basketball. A little less than his Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, 49, the most loyal member of the “clan Chicago” the U.S. president.

His performance, Friday, Feb. 14, during the game celebrities who inaugurated the All Star Game, which takes place this weekend in New Orleans, said that he was a professional basketball player in his youth before joining the highest spheres of power.


Arne Duncan has indeed shown by compiling 20 points, a new record for this exhibition game, 6 assists and 11 rebounds. If the public, which means the best player of the match, her favorite comedian Kevin Hart, the latter author of a poor performance, had the decency to give his trophy to the Minister splattered match his class, as evidenced by this light passes under the bemused gaze of Snoop Dogg.

It must be said that man mastered his subject. Former captain of the Harvard basketball team in NCAA (National Collegiate Atlhetic Association) which he joined in 1983, Arne Duncan sign more than respectable performance turning 11 points average and is the second best passer of his team. He puts the basketball brackets for a year to pursue his thesis on the aspirations of the working class. A relevant decision for his studies, but will “unfortunately weaken the team,” written in 1984, The Crimson , the journal of the prestigious university.

Freshly graduated in sociology, Arne Duncan then began a career as a professional basketball player. After a non-conclusive in the mythical team Boston Celtics test, migrate to Australia. From 1987 to 1991, he was involved in club Melbourne Spectres . There he met his future wife, before returning to the United States in Chicago, his hometown, to start his new life, now dedicated to the education system, and take the direction of the Chicago Public Schools from 2001.


Arne Duncan is part of the bodyguard of Barack Obama. Born in 1964 in the Windy City, he formed in his youth friendship with Craig Robinson, a former professional player, current coach of a varsity team in Oregon, and that is none other than the brother of the first lady, Michelle Obama. He finds liking basketball in 2009, after his appointment as Minister of Education, participating in the game of the Election Day established by the American president , bringing together members of his staff and professional players.


Arne Duncan fight for four years the game of celebrity All Star Game. Yesterday in New Orleans, oven and mill, he did not fail to spend some political messages. At halftime of the game, a message posted on his Twitter account encourages students to fill the aid of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms. During a timeout, a new tweet invites consult an article outlining the different ways to subscribe to Medicare for those under 30 years.