And If France Organized The EuroBasket 2015?

Facing a serious political crisis, Ukraine may not be able to meet its commitments and organize Euro 2015. According to L’Equipe, FIBA ​​Europe would be “probed” of potential replacements, including France.

Ukraine head everything except basketball right now . The former Soviet republic is indeed facing a serious political crisis for several weeks now.

BASKETBALL :  Lithuania vs France - Final - 2013 Eurobasket - 09/22/2013

An explosive situation that does not invite confidence in a year and a half of Europe which must be carried on in Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv and Kiev Championship. Especially since the work would be advanced only 20%. Although this is only an estimate because the Secretary General of FIBA ​​Europe Kamil Novak has already been forced to cancel several inspections because of the instability on the spot now. Suddenly, the governing bodies of European basketball would wonder about the assumption remove the organization of Euro in Ukraine according to information from L’Equipe. Even if the official version is that FIBA ​​Europe is still far from imagining that sort of thing.

France And Germany surveyed

In fact, the sports newspaper goes further, stating that the said FIBA Europe, which consider that folder already “complicated” at the base would “become a bomb” (according to a “source close to the case”), would have taken the lead in probing possible replacements. Also according to L’Equipe, France and Germany would be part. This does not lack spice when we know that Bercy, only hexagonal room with more than 10,000 seats, is expected to be under renovation until October 2015 (after the Euro). One might argue its delivery time? Sensibly planned to accommodate 10,000 people, the future Grand Arena BCM Gravelines Dunkerque, located at Petite Synthe, should work to be operational by 2016. Remains the Park & ​​Suites Arena in Montpellier and its 9,000 seats, the Palais des Sports de Pau (7000), or even the Rhénus Strasbourg (6200).

“We Are Motivated, Provided That Funding Is Assured. However, We Are Far.”

Asked by our colleagues, Jean-Pierre Siutat is also wary watch, even though he had already proposed to Ukraine to co-host with Germany or any part of the Euro 2015 last summer on the sidelines the Slovenian European Championship won by the team of France. “It could be for a preliminary round or more. All scenarios were possible. But Ukraine has indicated that it continued alone. If it were divested? To date, FIBA Europe has not approached us, and even if it did … the Euro, these are sites, hotels rooms, a budget. We are motivated, provided that funding is assured. However, we are far from “recognizes the President of the French Federation of Basketball (FFBB). As Ukraine still has time to stabilize politically and advance its work while France seems off the mark in terms of infrastructure, budget, the chances of Tony Parker and defend their own European title on French soil in 2015 are relatively thin. As they are not zero either, one can dream.