Alonso Can Not Wait To Finish

Guaranteed to finish runner-up in the world after his fifth place in Austin, Fernando Alonso eager to turn the page on a disappointing championship. Even if 2014 does not necessarily looks very well at Ferrari.

By finishing fifth in the Grand Prix of the United States on Sunday, Fernando Alonso is provided to complete the championship runner-up in the world . A Spanish collector used for this “sad” consolation prize (2010, 2012, 2013). “It’s a small reward for me, a bit like being the first of the” deadly “behind Red Bull,” revealed- it after the race. It would take much more but to bring smiles to the Ferrari driver. In Austin, the Bull of Asturias especially stressed he still can not go to aim for a podium regular.

Formula 1: Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi - Testing - 11/01/2013

“Finishing in the top five is a very positive result when you consider how this weekend was difficult, “he analyzed before questioning the real ambitions who led his team at the end of the season. “We can do nothing for the moment. They are fighting to get into Q3 for points on Sunday.Perhaps we set us an overly optimistic goal. We must be realistic and understand that the fight for second place was a dream, but a dream difficult to realize. ”

We Do Not Clearly Have The Second Best car

Despite his bad back, Alonso still gave everything in Texas to pull a few things that keep Ferrari in the race for second place in the World Championship (3rd Mercedes 15 points). “This can only be seen as complying “slice her boss Stefano Domenicali. While stressing the “extraordinary regularity” of its pilot, the Italian leader will necessarily noticed a certain weariness in the words of teammate Felipe Massa for several weeks. “We clearly do not have the second best car.We would complete ten times in tenth place in the championship and be once titled champions rather than being several times vice-champions, “resumed Alonso.

The Iberian therefore eager to turn the painful page of the 2013 season after the Brazilian Grand Prix next week. 2014 will mark a new stage in the adventure began in 2010 with the Reds. The arrival of the hybrid engine could allow the Scuderia to raise to finally compete with Red Bull. But rumors are not necessarily very good at it. While Ferrari will again rely on a powerful winter wind tunnel to refine the aerodynamics of the next car. For a year and a half, the team praised the Toyota Cologne until the recalibration of his tool at the bottom of Maranello. Stefano Domenicali says that this upgrade will provide input “huge.” However, the gossip about the future Ferrari block are not necessarily very encouraging. It is said that Mercedes has a good step ahead of Renault and Italians in this area. Some even speak of an advantage of up to a hundred horses go over the competition!

Not necessarily very encouraging. Alonso will mainly deal with the formidable competition of Kimi Raikkonen next season. An opponent probably tougher than Felipe Massa while the Brazilian finished the season pretty well. If the results are not quickly go, rumors of a return to McLaren in 2015 should again stir the paddock. Alonso will certainly noted that the Woking team has confirmed Jenson Button last week for a season while the additional required that Columbia was a contract of at least two years.