Agnel Stimulant Swim With Michael Phelps

For nearly a year, Yannick Agnel trains in Baltimore alongside legend Michael Phelps. Double Olympic medalist is perfectly placed to discuss the return of American swimmer.

18 Olympic gold medals. That’s part of the huge palmares of Michael Phelps, “the greatest swimmer of all time”, says Yannick Agnel.

agnel stimulant swim with michael phelps

Agnel Stimulant Swim With Michael Phelps

So when the American came out of retirement, the world of swimming has no words for the athlete in Baltimore. Yannick Agnel, teammate Michael Phelps in training, has agreed to review the return of the most decorated Olympic athlete.

Eternal Champion

In one year, the newspaper of French swimmer has changed. Life, necessarily, but the training techniques of Bob Bowman, his coach. “Bob sessions are very intense. I’m still not used to it but it is a great challenge. In the United States, when you want something, you are given the means to succeed and I love it, “said the French we get the championships of France (two gold medals). This is also the requirement that the cult of performance and driving Bob Bowman who made Michael Phelps an extraordinary champion.

As the saying goes a champion never dies, Michael Phelps is the embodied evidence. “It’s been a year and a half he stopped competing but it is already at the other, or even before. It is really impressive” concedes the French. His return was so predictable? “It is true that he was increasingly present in training in recent weeks.”

Beneficial For The Group

Return to the business of Michael Phelps sensation and could have a positive impact on the evolution of French. “Of course it gives us, the band and me, some emulation recognizes the Olympic champion. When you tell yourself that you swim every day alongside the greatest swimmer of all time, it happens something. To evolve at his side, and this group is outstanding.”

From April 24 to 26, Michael Phelps is going to participate in the Grand Prix de Mesa in Arizona. “He’s in pretty good shape so I hope it will perform well on this first competition since a year and a half.” But above all, “I hope it will be fun because it is the most important.” These are his adversaries should be less fun when recross Michael Phelps in the basins.