Abu Dhabi 2013 Race: Vettel, Winner At Dusk

The four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel became the prince of a thousand and one night. He won the victory, far, far ahead of his teammate, Mark Webber. Nico Rosberg is the best and the rest goes to the third step of the podium.

The seventeenth round of the championship takes place at the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit. This is a unique event that starts the day and ends at night. Last year it was Kimi Raikkonen who had managed to get out of the game by winning the event, the first since his return to F1. The race was exciting, eventful. The accident Nico Rosberg on Narain Karthikeyan had been there for many, not to mention the long ascent of Sebastian Vettel after being disqualified for lack of fuel in the tank, finally succeeded, after many adventures, to clinch third place on the podium. The biggest loser was Lewis Hamilton, the owner of the pole had given everything but a mechanical failure has prevented the win.

This year, it’s Mark Webber will start from pole position. The years go by and no two are alike. After being recalibrated at a FIA control, Kimi Raikkonen was disqualified. Allowed to take the start, it will start from the last position on the grid. Note that the last time he took the start as far on the grid (Bahrain 2006) he finished third.

At the front of the eyes will turn to the Red Bull and Mercedes.Webber and Vettel are on the front line in ambush, Rosberg and Hamilton point the tip of their nose. But Hamilton is a small disappointment. The British could compete with Webber for pole position but in vain, mechanical failure (a new Abu Dhabi) had the better of him. A broken suspension and hopes soared pole.Behind the two Mercedes, Nico Hulkenberg, Romain Grosjean, Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez, Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso completed the top 10 triangle. Note that the qualifying Alonso was again very poor. It has not gone into Q3. For the fifth time in six races, Massa was more efficient. Ferrari is not very competitive on this circuit and Alonso will redouble their efforts to achieve a good result to get the second place in the constructors’ standings.

30 Minutes Bfore Departure:

All eyes turn to Webber, the pole sitter but also on Raikkonen. The Finnish almost did not come to Abu Dhabi. Why? It is not paid by Lotus since the beginning of the season and does not feel respected at fair value. Jacques Villeneuve, a former pilot and world champion in 1997, has never been a fan of the Finnish yet he said “If I were him, I would not go to Austin and Sao Paulo if I do not get paid! This is normal, you are a professional driver, you must be paid for your work. ” Lotus is about 15 million euros Raikkonen.He had threatened to boycott the last two races of the season. This morning, Lopez and Raikkonen have reached an agreement. He will finish the season with Lotus. Finnish by the last position today and it goes without saying that the Lotus driver rage to make a great comeback record.In the “place furthest from the grid for a winner” Raikkonen is the fourth gp Japan 2005 17th party Raikkonen won the race.In any case, it will start from the grid.

Note that Mercedes has worked on the Hamilton car and it is repaired.

The drivers are ready for the warm up lap. The sun sets over Abu Dhabi. The drivers position. The lights turn red. It’s gone! Very nice off Vettel! He moved to head. Behind Rosberg took the ascendant, it is the second. Webber is third. Behind Alonso made a nice flight too.

Van Der Garde hung Lotus Raikkonen and tore off before he seems the wheel.

Alonso tries exceeded on Massa not allowed to do. Massa was pushed off-track by Hulkenberg out.

1 Vettel 2 Webber Rosberg 3 4 5 Grosjean Hamilton Hulkenberg 6 7 8 Massa Alonso Perez 9 10 Di Resta

Kers for the sake of Webber? Australian complains.

Hamilton is the first of the leaders to stop. There was fifth. Webber and Grosjean flow into the pit lane. They just stand in front of Hamilton who had stopped a lap before.

Hulkenberg to stand. Vettel is still ahead of Rosberg and Massa. Rosberg returns to stand, Massa and Alonso as Vettel continues. The German driver observes his stop on lap 15. He was so far ahead that spring easily to Massa. Massa in front of Alonso!

Vergne goes behind Rosberg, Webber also. Grosjean attempts exceeded on Sutil but he resumes his position. This is tight!

Hamilton tries to find an opening on Gutierrez but it is tight coverage. That’s right!

Alonso into the pits, it advanced more! It is the 14th. Massa is still on track but runs very slowly.

Rosberg returns to Di Resta and Webber took advantage.He passes Rosberg. Di Resta returns to stand.

Large cap behind Sutil. Hamilton attempts exceeded but Sutil takes over. Massa took advantage and sneaks in between. Massa continues his effort and passes Sutil is 5! Alonso passes Hulkenberg. He joined Hamilton will attempt to pass. Hamilton must pass Sutil. He tried and finally it happens! Alonso behind Sutil is now looking for an opening and then qu’Hulkenberg enters the pits.

Night Falls On Abu Dhabi:

Sutil returns to the stand and made a small mistake.It doubles both drivers passing off-piste! It will definitely be penalized.

Scare in the pits between Hulkenberg and Perez.Investigation of German.

Vettel has 30 seconds ahead of Webber and nearly a minute on Alonso! We ask Vettel to pay attention to the tires as the race goes on.
Hulkenberg to drive through!

Alonso copious amounts of Massa. Webber and Rosberg returned to stand. Alonso puts pressure on Massa. The Brazilian will not last long.

Vettel took the opportunity to stop at the pits, Grosjean too! Grosjean spring ahead of Massa and helps a little to contain Alonso. The next lap back to the pits. Its judgment is too slow! 3.8s for Massa.

Vettel Webber 1 2 3 4 Rosberg Alonso Grosjean 5 6 Di Resta Vergne 7 8 9 Hamilton Massa 10 Bottas

Massa returns to Hamilton. The British will have an impression of deja vu.Hamilton is stuck behind Vergne, it grows and password! Massa behind Vergne, he loses time. Alonso returns to the stand and just spring between Massa and Vergne, he attacks and tries to resist Vergne, double Alonso French off-piste.Investigation.

Alonso returns to Hamilton and passes the British! It is on Di Resta and went very smoothly, the soft tires are very fast. Investigation on Alonso-Vergne will be made after the race.Alonso doubled Vergne outside the track.

The race will soon come to an end. Sebastian Vettel won his seventh race in a row this season. He won his 37th trophy in Abu Dhabi. Mark Webber moved to the second position over 30 seconds off his teammate. Nico Rosberg, the best of the rest, up to the third step of the podium.

Behind Grosjean fourth ahead of Alonso, Di Resta, Hamilton, Massa, Sutil and Perez.

1 Vettel
2 Webber
3 Rosberg
4 Grosjean
5 Alonso
6 Di Resta
7 Hamilton
8 Massa
9 Perez
10 Sutil