AB With Patience And Desire

Challenge committees. Under 26 years. Armagnac-Bigorre 30 – 20 Bearn

Beautiful first winter day, the sun and cool season, which gave the public a desire, many came to encourage his. The stage is set, place game

Pocket with a defeat (against Catalan Countries), the Bearn must at all costs win this match. As a hen three, only the first will continue his journey.

Side Armagnac-Bigorre, the first game saw the package (weather) for the first meeting.

It is the unknown that embark our representatives, and we feel that they have no marks. So, entry, a very unbridled play, plus a big lack of ammunition in the air and on the ground. So to take the game to their account, they must play the individual card, and inspiration. Good point, but this game, there is the waste, fortunately, the technique, the legs of the U.S. colony of Vic, the Dumestre Menvielle and will be the first detonators and will cause damage to the opposing defense, and shot on solid snapback cap, they will cause the first two tests (22e, 40e +1), added to the success of this house Gandarias scorer.

Bearn side, it’s up to them to keep the suspense back with two penalties before the “lemons”. 14-6 at the changeover.

Bearn side, it is higher in the battle of the air and on the ground, we take the game on his own, and with good balls played standing worn. These are two class tests that will reward these efforts (42, 52) and passing to the “Planchot” 20-17. But we feel that, side-armagnaco Bigourdans, the game begins to develop, coordination is much better. At the game, Gandarias, for a foul flush of Bearn, puts the two teams tied, 20-20. “Be patient, keep the ball” are the instructions of the staff side A.-B. Message received, two capitals keys in their camp will be taken by our representatives, phew! It’s hot. The game is focused on the enemy with a good defensive game away. New revival of cavalry, with a balloon flying from hand to hand and send Tilhac lady for the third test (71), and from there, making the score 27-20.

Pierre-Henry Broncan (general manager), promoted to water carrier enters the field to give refreshment, but also give the final instructions. On a final penalty (77th) Gandarias seal the victory for the A.-B, 30-20.

The next opponent of A.-B., Catalan Countries (February 5, 2014 in Capvern) had moved its BĂ©arn responsible for news of their future opponents.

Proof that the challenge committee is taken … seriously.

Armagnac-Bigorre Bearn 30 20

MT: 14-6. Referee: B. Echecopar (CBL), assisted by Cilliffo, C. Juniot (Bearn).

For Armagnac-Bigorre: 3 E Dumestre (22) Paloque (40 +1), Tilhac (71) 3 T, P 3 (45,56,77) Gandarias.

For Beam: 2 E group (42, 52) 2 T 2 P (17, 24) Miro.

Armagnac-Bigorre: Leroux (Vic-en-Bigorre) Paloque (Plaisance), Dumestre (Vic-en-Bigorre) Menvielle (Vic-en-Bigorre), Barrau (Vic-en-/Bigorre) (o) Gandarias (OBRC), (m) Borie (cap. Plaisance) Gerling (SOMR) Bellardi (OBRC) Caussade (Ibos) Langla (Marciac), Theil (OBRC) Danflous (Magnoac FC), Monteagudo (OBRC) villemur (Masseube). Came into play: Ponsola (Plaisance), Toujouse (Vic-en-Bigorre) Bensouma (OBRC), Abadie (Vic-en-Bigorre) Lascombes (Maubourguet) Gassiot (Masseube) Tilhac (Marciac). Coaches: Decha, Gandarias.

Yellow Cards: Courmie (10th) Bearn; Lamgla (62) (A-B).