A Little Over Two Bute!

My title surprise you, right? You must say: Chartrand fell on his head. He is the friend of Yvon Michel, with whom he worked for many moons and believes Lucian Bute can defeat her foal Jean Pascal?

Well yes, I think Lucian Bute can win his battle against Jean Pascal. It will not be easy, but it is possible even if neglected bettors.


For some months now, Pascal keeps repeating that Bute is a robot. He will demolish. It will even pass him the KO He will send it to retirement. And whatnot.

There not so long ago, another boxer, a very good too, made all kinds of statements before his fight. You know what happened? He got shut up losing by decision. It was the first time in his career that fell pugilist flag against a rival.

It’s none other Adrian Broner who had to admit defeat by decision facing Marcos Maidana in which he had to surrender his WBA welterweight.

Talk too much … Launch threats left and right is not always the right thing to do. Is to put oneself in the pressure on the shoulders. And when Jean Pascal will step into the ring Saturday night at the Bell Centre, it is he who will have this huge pressure on the shoulders.

Pascal firmly believes it is the crowd favorite, but I feel it is wrong. This is Lucian Bute is the darling of boxing fans in Montreal, nobody else.

So on the eve of the largest to be presented to Canada combat, it’s time to go our predictions there. Note that yours is as good as mine, but I still believe that Lucian Bute can defeat Jean Pascal.

The Strength Of Despair

What to remember a few days before the meeting, is that Bute will fight with the strength of despair. You and I know that if he loses, it’s the end of his career. He will hang up his gloves and dedicate as public relations officer for the Cage aux Sports.

Chez Pascal, it is not the same thing. If he had to admit defeat, it would require his rematch otherwise it might as well face another pugilist of the elite class as Carl Froch, Chad Dawson and Bernard Hopkins and others.

Besides, I would not be surprised that Pascal is his last fight with GYM promoter. Against Bute, it will be his last game under the tutelage of the promoter who put the world.

It is no secret that Pascal stands with Roy Jones, a former world champion and perhaps the best boxer of his time, and in his company he finds himself often in the entourage of Floyd Mayweather Las Vegas. To believe that there will come under the tutelage of Americans, there is only one step.

Not Spoiled

Bute and Pascal we were not spoiled over the years. Jean Pascal has delivered only three fights since 2011. One in 2013, one in 2012 and one in 2011 and a few others in 2010.

In Bute, it is even worse. Inactive in 2013, he has not fought since November 2012, which means that since his knockout against Carl Froch, his only fight was against the Denis Grachev where he won without too much shine.

Two Injured

One must wonder which one is fully recovered from his injury. Pascal and Bute shoulder with one hand.

Despite all this, I think Bute can beat Pascal, but if you follow his game plan to perfection.

1-Being convinced he can beat Pascal and get in the ring with the confidence of a champion that absolutely must save his reputation.

2-Avoid getting hit solidly, using his jab and keep as close as possible to avoid Pascal for his long shots. Pascal is in its broad strokes, but he catches you, be careful.He has not struck Bernard Hopkins on two occasions in their first clash with caresses.

3-In short, throwing his left hook and uppercut to prepare his body. This is his best shot.

4-Focus attacks the body. Jean Pascal has a very good jaw. In any much better than his case. It is because of this good jaw it can often be wide in his shots.

5-Do not take refuge in the cables. Jean Pascal is physically strong. So do not compete with him strength especially in the first half of the fight.

6-Do not panic if it feels solidly achieved.

7-Let Pascal take the initiative in the early round and then increase the tempo in the second half of the round. If Pascal is a boxer 90 seconds per round, it’s time to prove it.

8-Avoid the pitfalls of Pascal. Do not attempt to go blow for blow with him there.

9-To keep the pace with the intent to do 12 rounds and not like a robot boxer. What is expected Jean Pascal.

10-Not remembering his famous defeat against Carl Froch, if he feels pressured from all sides.

The Friendly Neighborhood Bookie

If you intend to wager on the fight, remember the words of the late Rocky Brisebois, who often spoke of his friendly neighborhood bookie. If you have a hundred dollars to build without too much worry about losing, put on Lucian Bute. And you may win a few times the bet.

If you bet the same amount on Jean Pascal, you will not do better than to return your money, or almost. Because, remember that Pascal is the favorite in this fight.

And More

I told you earlier that in the event of a defeat Lucian Bute, it would be the swan song for him. But it may be also the swan song for Jean Pascal in Montreal. A change of scenery for a world much more hectic in Las Vegas could reduce the ranks of the top contenders in the heavyweight category.

So over the next few months we will be a little more aware of the intentions of Pascal when he negotiates a new contract with GYM.

Finally, there is also the issue of weight to remember. Pascal is a natural in medium-heavy while Bute is a big super middleweight that fattened for purposes of confrontation. I do not think it will be inconvenienced by this overweight, but it should be noted.

Finally, if Lucian following all these tips, it is likely to defeat Jean Pascal. This will mean that Lucian has forced Pascal to fight according to his own game plan. In such a case, Pascal could become more broad in his shots and spend vastly more energy than expected.

Showtime Championship Boxing - Bute vs Johnson

But beware! If ever there was a knockout during this fight is that Pascal record. So I see Bute win by decision.

Why? Because Bute is slow to start in his fights, but he ended strong.

So both coaches Stephan Larouche and Marc Ramsay has the task of directing their well protected while in the confrontation. One to avoid the blows of his rival and the other not to lose the breath and rhythm in the second half of action.