A Little Love For Melo?

While the Knicks realize an early season with little cause for optimism, the leaders of the New York Franchise already preparing for the future. With priority: keep Carmelo Anthony next summer by promising the arrival of Kevin Love in 2015.

40 years ago that New York is waiting for a new title Knicks. And given that these shows since the beginning of the season, it is easy to imagine that New York fans may have to take their troubles patiently for another year. In the first games, the Knicks compete mediocrity with another franchise of the city, the Brooklyn Nets. They were booed at the humiliation against the Spurs (89-120) on Sunday, and the head of Mike Woodson is already claimed. So after a rather promising 2012-2013 season (2nd place in the East, the Pacers face elimination in the semifinals Conference), the leaders of the free-already-are forced to think about rebuilding.


I must say that this summer promises to be explosive. The Draft is the most promising for a long time, and several stars of the league could stimulate the market free agents: LeBron James , Dwyane Wade , Chris Bosh , Dirk Nowitzki , Danny Granger , Kobe Bryant , Pau Gasol but Luol Deng , Paul Pierce , Zach Randolph , DeMarcus Cousins ​​or Greg Monroe . The problem is that unlike other major markets in the league, like the Lakers, New York will not move. Blame the huge contracts Amar’e Stoudemire ($ 23.4 million per year), Tyson Chandler ($ 14.3 million) and Andrea Bargnani ($ 12 million), which will seal the budget franchise until 2015.

And the worst thing is that Carmelo Anthony , too, has an early termination option (early termination clause) to go test the market next summer, and why not land in LA with Kobe and another star. In other words, the Knicks could lose everything. Especially in the last few weeks, the top scorer in the regular season last breath cold (“I want to be a free agent. I think everyone dreams of NBA free agent at least once in his career” , 17 October) and hot (“I want to finish my career in New York,” November 1) on the subject.

How to convince Anthony to extend to New York, and avoid a new “Melodrama” as in 2011? According to Yahoo! Sports, the Knicks leaders plan is simple. Melo promise the arrival of a superstar at his side in the coming years, to (finally) go for the title. For LeBron James (free in 2014) and Kevin Durant (free in 2016), it seems complicated. The No. 1 priority would actually named Kevin Love . With his crazy stats (26.5 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists since the start of the season), the Timberwolves power forward is enough to make heads turn. According to Yahoo! Sports, so the Knicks would court her to convince him to leave Minneapolis in 2015, when they have the financial capacity to offer him the salary he deserves.

Will this be enough there to convince Anthony to stay in New York next summer? About whistles currently receiving team, the person said recently: “The city and the franchise are not known for their patience.” Melo child Brooklyn hero’s welcome by Knicks fans upon arrival in 2011, the he will?