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Nadal, The Fury Of Reliving

Athletic World # 2 – The Spaniard, crowned at Roland Garros and Flushing Meadows, was in 2013 regained its position as world No. 1. After 7 months of interruption for injury. Back hell. At the speed of light Being and being. The pitfall of athletes. Magically, in the space of 8 months, 17 tournaments and 10 titles (Sao Paulo, Acapulco, ... Read More »

BOXING. Before The Shock, The Sacrifices Of Takoucht

Twelve days of their duel, the Carolo Sofiane Takoucht and Belgian Miskirtchian refine their preparation. Far from the bustle of the holidays. While most athletes enjoy for a few more days of the Christmas break, some continue to whip. This is particularly the case featherweight Sofiane Takoucht (27 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw) and Alexander Miskirtchian (23 success, 2 reverse, ... Read More »

[Cyclo-Cross] Solomon Brothers Were Prophets In Their Country In The Sixties

Solomon, Jacques Hubert and brothers will be guest stars Championships 2014 France cyclo-cross, which will be organized on 11 and 12 January by the VC Lignieres club they carried the colors in the 60s. Meeting. Jacques Hubert and Solomon respectively Baugy born August 25, 1934 and May 24, 1936. Very soon, the brothers will discover a passion for cycling and ... Read More »

Michael Schumacher, Risk Appetite

Michael Schumacher, aka “The Red Baron”, has long been the undisputed master tracks of Formula 1, where he made his reign aggression and arrogance. After definitely left his tub “Silver Arrow”, a Mercedes in November 2012 on a 7th place in Sao Paulo (Brazil) for his 308th Grand Prix, “Schumi” was a time considered a new career in the rodeo. ... Read More »

Andrew Bynum And The Cavs, Chronic Divorce Announced

Suspended by his frankness, Andrew Bynum may never play again with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Return on a bet that seemed doomed to failure. On paper, it made sense. A young group of quality players, an exceptional leader which was added a real presence inside. It was still necessary that Andrew Bynum, a former All-Star and NBA double champion, will be ... Read More »

Good Understanding Of The Cold

Some essential to train and play effectively during the winter advice. Without the risk of unpleasant surprises. For those who do not live up to the year on the Mediterranean or in the Basque Country, playing golf can become frankly worrying during the winter. Especially north of the Loire. Cold, rain, wind, snow and even morning frost often prevent us ... Read More »

Bartoli, The Incredible Comeback

May 12, 2014. Retired since August 2013, Marion Bartoli decided to defend his title in the London grass. It prepares his comeback to the secluded, surrounded by Mary Pierce and Nick Bollettieri! This story, you have dreamed of reading? The Team offers you in a special edition. Rumor has returned regularly in conversations in the aisles at Roland Garros as ... Read More »

Premier League – 19 Day: 10 Reasons To Think That Manchester City Has All The Cards

Manchester City has not been leader since Day 1. Citizens yet emerge as favorites for the Premier League. Here is why. The Rise Ten games unbeaten in all competitions, including nine wins: Manchester City in full swing for six weeks. Finally, some would say, since Citizens survived an early season very complicated. Only round of Premier League in mid-November, men ... Read More »

They Have Digested The Turkey?

Imposing three days off around Christmas, the National Rugby League somewhat messed classic rhythm game preparations. The Top 14 is not interrupted during the holiday season but requires players to do so. This umpteenth paradox of French rugby is not one that raises the biggest outcry. But there are still managers of their verse, like Christian Lanta and Guy Noves, ... Read More »

Uncertain Coulthard On Red Bull

David Coulthard , who still has links with Red Bull as a consultant, does not rule out the possibility that significant changes to the technical regulations in 2014 put an end to the series won by the team consecutive championships. Since 2010, sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, Red Bull has every year seized the crown of manufacturers. Sebastian Vettel , meanwhile, ... Read More »