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Roland Garros: Qatar When Trying To Poach Players With Millions

¬†At a press conference on Monday, the president of the French Tennis Federation Jean Gachassin accused Qatar have proposed huge sums for players to come to Qatar rather than Roland Garros. Before Attempting To Minimize His Remarks Tuesday. The Qatar tackles Roland Garros , but not really to buy the tournament this time. According to Jean Gachassin, the president of ... Read More »

Champions League: Marseille Will Not Fear Dortmund

Opponent of Europe vice-champion Dortmund tonight in the Champions League, Olympique de Marseille wants to “play without restraint. “ “When the draw, we knew it would be difficult” announces bluntly Steve Mandanda, the Olympian doorman at a press conference. Opposed to the current leader of the German league and European vice-champion Marseille knows that traveling in Rhineland will be far ... Read More »

Eurobasket 2013: The Seven Lessons Of Management Coach Vincent Collet

If Tony Parker is the point guard of the basketball team of France, Vincent Collet is the leader of men with which the Blues have become champions of Europe on 22 September in Ljubljana (Slovenia). Choice of players, helps concentration, management egos and jealousies … For the Company, the coach delivers the keys to a historic success. “Talent, confidence, experience” ... Read More »