10 Stats To Know Before The Masters Final

Since when does a lefty not won the Masters? How many points will be earned Novak Djokovic from the U.S. Open if needed tonight? Everything is here.

0. Rafael Nadal has never won the Masters. It would be a first for him. He will play his second final in the Masters tournament, after losing the first against Roger Federer in 2010. Nadal can become the second player after Andre Agassi to his record as the four Grand Slam tournaments, Davis Cup, Olympic gold and the Masters. Just that.


1. Rafael Nadal has won 60 tournaments in his career. But only one in indoor on fast surface (he won in room, but on earth, in the early years, Sao Paulo). This is a real gap in the career of the Spanish, looking for a coronation in this context since Madrid in late 2005. More than eight years of waiting. But if he is able to wring the neck of this scarcity, it is this year it has already become for the first time in his career, the undisputed boss of the drive circuit.

5. This is only the fifth time that the final of the Masters oppose number one and number two worldwide. In 1983, Ivan Lendl, so number one was beaten by John McEnroe. Three years later, Czechoslovakia had taken over his heir Boris Becker. After 1986, it took until 2010 to see again a final between the two best players in the world. But since then, it has become a habit. In 2010 (Federer beats Nadal) in 2012 (Djokovic beats Federer) and thus in 2013, the two leaders of the ATP rankings have played the final of the last tournament of the year.

17. Whatever the outcome of the final, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have won 17 titles between them in 2013. 10 Spanish and six for the Serb to date. 17 is more than Ferrer , Murray , Del Potro , Federer, Berdych , Wawrinka , Gasquet and Tsonga combined. The other eight members of the Top 10 at the end of the campaign in 2013 won 16 titles combined.


21. Novak Djokovic on Sunday signed its 21st consecutive victory. It is the third-best winning streak of the season. Rafael Nadal has done better than him, and twice. But just because the Mallorcan has won 22 straight games twice this season. Djokovic had stopped Nadal in Monte Carlo before Steve Darcis is blocking also 22 wins knocking at Wimbledon. If needed Monday night, so Nole Rafa will match and may even improve his score during the final of the Davis Cup. Notably, 11 of the 21 victories were obtained against members of the Top 10.

. 29 If Rafael Nadal wins tonight, it will end an incredible shortage: no lefty has not won the Masters since John McEnroe in 1984, 29 years of sobriety. Big Mac had then won the final against Ivan Lendl. Not so surprising when you finally look at what we accomplished the left since. From 1985 to 2013, they have accumulated 17 Grand Slam tournaments. But 13 were won by the only Nadal. The others were abducted by players (Gomez, Korda, Muster, Ivanisevic) who have never reached the final of the Masters.

39. Will This Monday the 39th duel between Nadal and Djokovic, making it the most prolific rivalry in the Open era in men’s tennis. Nadal advantage, leading 22-16 at the moment. In 2013, it will be the sixth match between the two champions. Again, advantage to Rafa, with three wins to two losses. It is also the 19th final between the two players, as far as Nadal and Federer and only one step shy of John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl.


. 60 This is the area in which Djokovic is number one on the Masters: the percentage of points won behind the second ball. 60% success for the Serbian in this exercise. A key point that it will not compromise because it sometimes struggles in this area against Nadal. When the percentage falls around 50% in the second ball on a stick against the Spanish, the set escapes him. Federer has won 40% of points behind his second in his semi-final against Nadal. The Spaniard, he finished at 69%.

70. The percentage conversion Rafael Nadal on his break points during the Masters. The world number one won 20 break points. He managed to convert 14. In this vein, Djokovic is far behind. Far even with only 41% success rate (13 breaks of 32 opportunities). Undoubtedly one of the keys to the final, because in this type of game, missed opportunities often pay dearly.

4140. Qu’aura The number of points accumulated Djokovic from the U.S. Open if he can beat Nadal on Monday. A fall to the least prolific, meanwhile, potentially, to add up to 250 if all goes well for him in the Davis Cup final. The Serb has won two Masters 1000 (2000 points), an ATP 500 (Beijing), which must be added 140 points in the semi-finals of the Davis Cup and, for now, 1000 points Masters. The final yield 500 points to the winner. This is not trivial. Nadal, he has so far garnered 2,020 points since his title at Flushing. Is an advantage of more than 2,000 points for Djokovic, who would rise to 2500 points on Monday. Will allow the world number two to prepare a future return to power in 2014. A victory for Nadal would not weaken its position in the medium term.