10 Highlights From The Autobiography Of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson bares his autobiography, which appears on Monday. He traces a life between light gray and dark gray. Here are ten notable extracts.

Boxer fascinating, almost scary, Mike Tyson led a life between dramas and fortunes, the latter not reaching ever completely hide the first. Like that of Andre Agassi, intimate confession Tyson devours.


This is a real “page turner”, which is believed to know the scenario on the fingertips, which we discover that we knew little about. We strongly advise not to look there. It is a thriller, where the former king of the ring spares no one, especially not him. We laugh, we are unworthy, we sympathize, too, much. We understand why it went wrong. And why it has so fascinated. Here are ten passages of his book, among others, make you want history.

Childhood: The Violence Everywhere, Even In His Mother

A neighborhood plagued by violence, crime and drugs. Become an ace heist eight years, Tyson sees his family environment extend this hostile climate. Her stepfather, Eddie, sticky scraped his mother. And his mother making blow for blow until scalding his companion. Atmosphere.

“This is the environment in which I grew up. An environment where people love so much that they give knives. Damn, I had a blue funk in my own home, I grew up surrounded by aggressive women who could hit men. For me, fighting with a woman was not taboo, because the women I knew were capable of murder. ”

The Meeting With Cus D’Amato

Probably the most important event in the life of Tyson. Father figure and coach, this is a septuagenarian who discovered and shaped the young heavyweight. It was enough to see him a few minutes boxer Tyson at the age of 13 years to understand everything.

“We sat down and Cus told me he could not believe I did that 13 years. And then he gave me a glimpse of my future. Boxer He had seen me less six minutes, but he spoke of authority.

-You are beautiful, Mike. You’re a great fighter.

It was in compliment compliment.

-If you listen to me well, has he continued, I will make you the youngest heavyweight champion of all time.

Shit! How could he predict such a thing? I thought it was a pervert. In the world where I come from, the guys who tell what kind of salads are pervert. I did not know what to say. No one had ever made me compliments. “

The Board Of La Motta

In late 1986, a few weeks before facing Trevor Berbick for the World title, the young Tyson was invited on the set of David Brenner in the “Nightlife” program. There crosses Jake La Motta. The legend does not say enough about Tyson, and compares it to Joe Louis and Marciano. Tyson is in heaven. But “Raging Bull” will provide an unfortunately prescient advice.


Brenner asked Jake:

-Let’s say Mike raid title. What advice would you give him?

His answer showed how he was visionary.

-The best advice I can give is to stay focused on boxing and avoid trouble. There is a lot of trouble, out there.

Why is that?

-Unfortunately, guys like him and me, we attract trouble. ”

The Title And A Baked

November 19, 1986, Mike Tyson becomes, as D’Amato had predicted, the youngest world heavyweight champion in history. The next night, he takes a cooked vodka and toured brothels. Tyson glory he dreamed, but the absence of Cus D’Amato, who died a few months earlier, was left an orphan.

“It was crazy. I was only twenty years. Suddenly, because I was champion of the world, people were expecting me to be a different person? Because of the title and it represented? But I was just a kid. A clueless kid. the day of my coronation, I had the feeling of being a lost soul, deprived of his spiritual guide. Cus I did not have. “

Rolled spinks

Probably the masterpiece of Tyson’s career. In June 1988, at the peak of his fame, he keeps his three belts spraying Michael Spinks, yet regarded as a dangerous rival in just 91 seconds.


“As soon as I saw Spinks in the ring, I knew he had no chance. He did not look me in the eye for instructions.  At the bell, I melted my rival. I pummeled a good time, and he responded. Again, I knew he would not be able to hurt me. I do not even feel his blows. At the end of a minute, I extended a right to the body. This was the first time in his career that Spinks was on the ground. I knew the fight was over because the whole week, I rolled my sparring partners much more powerful than the one that came to falter Spinks. shots I went back to my corner hands outstretched, palms facing the sky. All great champions did this gesture of humility, but in my mind, I was the best . ”

Fake father And True Marriage

In 1988, Tyson is also a magazine people by marrying actress Robin Givens. Her manipulative. He unfaithful. An unlikely and unhealthy relationship from the start. Tyson is not kind with that which will remain his wife a few months. Especially when talking about the reasons that led him to let go the ring finger.

“I married Robin because she was pregnant and I was overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a father. This was the only reason. Strangely, this is not Robin who warned me, is Jimmy Jacobs. Himself learned from the mouth of Ruth’s mother Robin. I knew nothing, of course, but it was only salads. Robin was not pregnant. It would have put a flea in his ear: my girlfriend I had not even announced orally Robin and his mother were manipulative, to limit prostitution .”

The Fall

Undisputed champion and feared, Tyson seems to go for a reign of ten years. But weariness and excesses of all kinds are going to lead to self-destruction. As a man and as a champion. In 1990, in Tokyo, he suffered his first defeat against the obscure James Buster Douglas and gives its title.

“On January 8, 1990, I embarked on Tokyo, in a state of near hysteria. I do not want to fight. Everything that interested me, it was the fiesta and girls. On departure day, I took 13 pounds.I had not followed the story, but apparently Douglas was very motivated. His wife had left him and to top it all, in early January, during his training in Japan, its mother died. I knew nothing at that time and I did not care e. HBO was a story about Douglas who fought for his mother, but I was so arrogant that I would have been able to tell him that he would soon join them. “

Release From Prison, Returns To Hell

Paradoxically, the former champion says he has never felt so free in jail. And when he regained his freedom March 25, 1995 after his conviction for rape, Tyson feels him to return in a mode of confinement.


“The day of my release, I could not sleep. At four o’clock in the morning, I heard the helicopters roared in the sky. It was the radio stations preparing their live. Facing a crowd Great had met in a cornfield at night, hoping to see me. At six o’clock, Don, John Horne and Rory arrived on a black limousine and entered the prison. I waited, but I did not really want to leave. I was accustomed to detention. I liked to be able to decompress. It was a well deserved rest, but I had to return to real life. ”

The Bite On Holyfield

The most sordid pugilistic career Tyson episode. June 1997, when fighting revenge against Evander Holyfield, Tyson, exasperated take head shots of his opponent, bites repeatedly and snatched a piece of an ear. Far from the official statement of public apology fed recite it a few days later, he gives in his autobiography the depths of his thought.

“Referring to the famous third round) This is where he attacked me with his head again. I felt tired, as if I fainted a little, but the anger and adrenaline made me bounce. I just wanted to kill him.The next day I felt really shot me. I had no idea what had happened would become an All international incident. my life is like that. I say or I make a something that seems to me that the tiny and huge world judge. People said I had my number bite because I knew I would be defeated. ANYTHING.’s matches I lost, I cashed my defeat like a man. I was furious, I was enraged, I lost my composure. I bit the ear of Evander Holyfield because at that time, I ‘ was crazy, and I cared more to fight according to the rules of the game “

Hell, He Is

In the epilogue to his book, Tyson says his self-loathing and love of her children. At 47, he appears as an always fragile, constantly out of balance, which never belonged. But it also delivers a message of hope.


“No doubt, I have a problem.I hate myself I hurt some people I can read all the great books I want, the Torah, the Koran, the New Testament, the Bhagavad-Gita I know I’m going to hell. And I’m in hell.When I was a boxer, I was happy for a moment, but after the death of Cus, it did not last. I ‘ I never wanted to be Iron Mike. I hated that guy. Sometimes I wonder if I was meant to live. I think is a mistake of this kind of fucking .Nobody hears my cries of pain. I hate life, I hate myself. If I had balls, I would kill myself. Finally, this is what I think. Then my darling, Milan (one of his daughters, born 24 December 2008), enters the room and the clouds go away.’s my reward responsible man. “